Safety Edges

safety edges

SENTIR edges are pressure sensitive electrical sensors used in safeguarding hazardous areas of doors, gates and industrial equipment. Model GP is for environments with hydraulic fluids. Models GE and GEF are available in both Assemble-it-yourself and finished versions. Large selection of mount channels are available.


Safety Mats

safety mats

SENTIR mats are rugged durable pressure sensitive sensors designed to safeguard hazardous areas around machines and robotic cells. They are also used as presence sensing devices in the amusement industry. Available with aluminum trim and integrated ramping.


Safety Bumpers

safety bumpers

SENTIR bumpers are for applications such as Automated Guided Vehicles, Lifts and Hanger Doors that require soft cushioning and added over travel to prevent damage. Available in a variety of lengths, widths and heights, black with yellow stripes and heavy duty coverings for harsh.


Control Relays

control relays

ELMON relays monitor the signals from our safety edges, mats and bumpers. These relays meet En 13849-1 and EN 954-1. Available in 24 V, 115 V and 230 V. Din Rail mounting and multiple relay output configurations available.