About Us

Mr. Helmut Friedrich started ASO GmbH in 1984 in Salzkotten, Germany as a provider of innovative products such as safety edges, bumpers and mats. In 2004, after strong growth in Europe, Mr. Friedrich realized a global presence was needed and thus began the formation of the US operation based in Rockaway, NJ. ASO Safety Solutions grew nicely over the years and in September of 2012, we moved to our new headquarters doubling our office, warehouse and assembly areas.

ASO provides Assemble-it-yourself edges along with finished edges made to our customer’s specifications. Safety mats are stocked at our Rockaway facility and are custom made to order as well. Our engineers design product to customer specifications and we extrude our edge profiles in Salzkotten, Germany.

aso safety location building
aso safety stand

Active and a leading supplier to many industries, ASO participates at many trade shows worldwide. In the US, you can visit ASO’s booth at the annual International Door Association Trade Show and at regional shows thoughout the US. In Europe, ASO exhibits at the R & T Show held every three years. This is the door and gate industry’s largest trade show. Additional exhibit schedules are listed periodically at the “News” section of our website.

As we grow, ASO Safety Solutions continues to add new product innovations.

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Industries We Serve

door and gate

Door & Gate

UL 325 tested safety edges for all doors and gates available in Assemble-it-yourself and finished versions. ASO´s SENTIR Plug ´N´ Sense edge is easy to assemble at your jobsite or facility and offers a large selection of edge profile heights and widths. Custom extrusions designed specifically for your door are engineered and extruded at our facility in Germany.

Machine Tools

TUV certified safety mat, edges, bumpers and relays for safeguarding personnel in hazardous environments. Standard and custom sizes available. Many options to meet the toughest application configuration. ASO safety mats can be made in circles, squares and with cutouts to fit into the protection area.

machine tools

Bus & Train

Safeguarding and presence sensing devices for bus and train doors and entranceways. Sensing edges for bus maintenance lifts and wheelchair lifts for transport vehicles. Safety edges and mats help protect individuals from injury at contact points in the doors or from hazardous movement of lifts.

bus and train

Theater, Amusement Park
& Stage Technology

Moving stages in theaters and amusement rides have contact points that can injury people if not properly protected. ASO Safety Solutions has years of experience in safeguarding these applications and can assist in protecting these hazardous areas.

Custom Products

Whether in the Door Industry or Amusement Park business, we design and engineer safety products to fit your requirements. Contact ASO Safety Solutions for more information on how we can help you design in the specific product for your application.

custom products custom products